Autumn wedding inspiration – 6 tips for embracing the season’s beauty

Autumn has well and truly arrived on Tamborine Mountain – there’s that lovely fresh chill in the air, the leaves are turning into gorgeous warmer shades and the fireplaces are crackling in the evenings. There really is something intimate and cozy about an Autumn wedding, and we’re sharing our top tips on how you can embrace the season for your special day.

A beautiful moment captured by Claire Elise at CJ & Liana’s wedding

Integrate those Autumn tones

Tamborine Mountain is famous for its gorgeous natural surroundings all year round, but there’s something extra magical when the trees and leaves turn beautiful shades of gold and brown. Embracing an Autumn colour palette means opting for shades of burnt orange, yellow, dark reds and rose tones. This palette also lends itself nicely to foliage accents in your bouquet, flower arrangements, decorations and table centrepieces. 

Speaking of flowers, some other fun ideas for additions to your bouquet can include:

  • Roses in deep, rich tones
  • Autumn wildflowers such as lavender, banksias, camellias and grevilleas
  • Succulents for character and contrast
  • Berries and seasonal fruits
  • Dried leaves and vines
  • Ribbons in warm metal or rose gold shades

Create an intimate setting

The cooler weather lends itself to getting a little cosier and creating a warm, intimate vibe for your wedding day. Our top tips for setting the ambience includes:

  • Decorating your tables and space with candles
  • Sprinkling fairy lights for a magical, romantic mood
  • Have blankets on hand for your guests when it cools down at sunset 

Tamborine Mountain has a range of gorgeous wedding venues that also lend themselves to snuggling by a fireplace or bonfire as you celebrate into the evening. Talk about romantic!

Make a statement with your dress

Autumn weddings mean more opportunity to make a bold, classic statement and go bigger and more dramatic with your wedding dress! 

This means long-sleeved, sheer backed gowns, long flowing trains and the chance to accessories with a delicate lace jacket or statement shawl. Adding pops of colour that complement the seasonal colour palette or your bouquet is also a beautiful way to accessorise your gown.

You can also carry this theme through with your bridal party – opting for bridesmaid dresses in rich burgundies, deep chocolate, reds, or bold purple tones (+ groomsmen accessories to match)! 

Take advantage of a seasonal menu

Cooler weather means warmer, comforting food and drink options. Autumn is a wonderful time of year to showcase the delicious seasonal produce with hearty share platters and warm, nourishing meals. Here are a few of our ideas for a tasty seasonal menu:

  • A warm soup starter (pumpkin soup is a fave!)
  • Sweet potato fries + seasonal veggies
  • Pulled pork sliders
  • Roasted chicken or duck
  • Slow-cooked beef
  • A cheese platter with quince paste and seasonal fruits

For the drinks, in addition to wine and beer options, you can incorporate something a little more complex like a fruity sangria, warm spiced wine, or delicious, custom ‘Autumn inspired’ cocktail. Don’t forget that tea, coffee, and hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course) are also great as the evening draws to a close.

‘Tis the season for cake

While we are on the topic of catering, we can’t forget about your wedding cake! 

Whether you’re opting for a rustic country vibe or a woodland theme for your special day, your cake lends itself to plenty of seasonal decorative options. Once you’ve chosen your cake flavour, it’s time to consider the style! Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Take your chosen colour palette and incorporate it through the frosting, floral decorations or cake topper
  • Decorate with leaves, vines, apples, cinnamon sticks, seasonal fruit or candles
  • Accessorise with metallics such as rose gold, bronze or gold

When it comes to your wedding cake, you truly are only limited by your imagination.

Choosing the perfect venue

Autumn lends itself nicely to rustic, country and bohemian wedding themes, with vineyards and outdoor settings being a popular venue choice. Tamborine Mountain has no shortage of venue options that allow you to embrace the gorgeous natural surrounds or create an intimate, cosy setting:

Bonus tip: Outdoor weddings also provide the perfect natural backdrop for your photos! 

We hope this has inspired you to get creative and embrace the beauty of the season when planning your Autumn wedding. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the TMWG Venues and Suppliers we’d love to hear from you.

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