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Every celebration is unique and special, whether you choose to celebrate under the big tree on top of the hill in the middle of property belonging to the cousin of your next door neighbours sister, on your favourite part of the beach which has limited access, at the end of the walking track by the creek, on the back deck of a friends home or in a luxury resort, you can make it uniquely yours, just for the day.

Many years of experience have taught me the importance of listening. To take note of the excitement in your eyes as well as in your voice, to listen to your concerns, to take note of your likes and dislikes and then to take all that information and deliver the day of your dreams.

To hear the words ‘it was just perfect’ at the end of the day just makes my heart sing.

You're engaged and so very happy but slowly the reality of planning a Wedding starts to overwhelm you. You're not alone! When you think about it, how many weddings have you actually planned? This is the perfect time to reach out for help. Lets grab a coffee and chat.

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