Level up your Valentine’s Day Proposal with these tips

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, like 3 days away close!

Valentine’s day is notorious for engagements, it is the International Day of Love and that’s why it’s such a popular date to pop the question. If your getting ready to propose on Valentine’s we have put together some last-minute tips that may help, make your proposal even more special.

  1. Make it personal

Every couple has their own unique love story, and your proposal should be no different. Making it personal to you and your partner can look different for each couple, take the things that make your relationship special and incorporate them into the proposal. Whether it be a simple little inside joke to lighten the mood, a framed screenshot from your first tinder conversation, or maybe you have held on to that little piece of paper they gave you with their phone number on it. Include those things and make it a little extra personal.

2. Capture it!

These moments pass by so fast so have someone capture it! If you’re having a private proposal, simply set up your iPhone on video and take some screenshots later. If you are in public grab a passer-by and get them to grab some quick snaps or video. If you have the budget for it get a professional to be there and capture the moment.

3. Public or Private?

Proposals are a very personal private moment between two people, consider whether your partner would feel most comfortable with a private secluded moment between just the two of you or something bigger and bolder. If your partner loves the idea of an epic proposal, it might be a good idea to make it a bit bigger or even have a lovely dinner or celebration afterward with friends and family.

4. Have a backup plan

Things sometimes don’t go to plan and rather than having to think on your feet, it relieves a lot of those worries and stress to know you have a backup plan. Weather can change and suddenly you are stuck in the rain or maybe the location you have chosen is packed full of people and you were hoping for something private. Have that backup plan just in case and breathe easy.

5. Have an idea not a script

When it comes to your words and the actual “popping of the question” have an idea of the things you want to talk about and touch on, maybe make a few notes you can review beforehand. Following a script can be great for those so nervous you lose your words but often it can be a little less romantic than being completely in the moment. Speak from the heart share your true feelings and dreams for the future with your partner.

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