It goes without saying, that when our amazing group of members came up with the idea of putting together the WIN a $20,000 Dream Wedding Competition at our February 2018 Wedding Expo, we were all just a tad excited at the prospect of being able to give this incredible prize away to one lucky couple. What transpired though, as we drew the winning name from the big barrel of entries at Cedar Creek last Monday, ended up blowing us all away! It’s one thing to have an idea and put together a competition where two people will end up with a life-changing experience, but nothing can really prepare you for what you get to witness and share with that couple after you break the big news.

Cedar Creek Estate Winery – the WINNER’S beautiful Wedding Venue here on Tamborine Mountain

As you may already know, our winners turned out to be Jasmine & Evan. A gorgeous young couple who hail from the Logan region, newly engaged, so much so that their engagement is just 3 short weeks young. Cue excited applause – we know right!? When Di (Vice President of TMWG) made the call, Jasmine says she went into shock…she literally couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Eeek…making and receiving phone calls like that just don’t happen every day.

Presenting Jasmine & Evan with their Prize at Cedar Creek Estate & Winery

You see, Evan (that’s his middle name which we quickly adopted on his suggestion, as Vageles, his first name is slightly harder to pronounce) who has Greek heritage proposed to his girlfriend Jasmine on their recent holiday to Japan, in January/February of this year. Both keen snowboarders, Evan & Jasmine first visited Japan in 2017 and Evan hatched a plan this time round, taking master steps – like handing the precious ring cargo to his best friend who was amongst a group of friends they are travelling with, so that Jasmine wouldn’t accidentally find it – to ensure that he could pull off the grand proposal he had planned.

Spectacular scenery at Cedar Creek Estate Winery

Evan organised an intimate private dinner, that Jasmine didn’t know about… in Hakuba Valley (Japan’s premier alpine resort) in the mountains surrounded by snow (cue the romance card!), where he surprised her with his proposal….and he says they then “spent the next 4 days in Tokyo telling everyone, and eating our body-weight in food…and that was 3 weeks ago”. “It’s only been 3 weeks!” Jasmine chimes in excitedly. When we asked whether this all feels like a whirlwind, Evan & Jasmine smiled and laughed humbly saying “yes, it’s insane…we thought we had about 2 years or so (we were working on 2020) and now it’s later this year and it’s exciting, and stressful, and amazing, all at the same time!” Aah, how good is this story!! We just love it!

Donna from Cedar Creek Estate & Winery and Di Jacobs from Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group with Jasmine & Evan

So, having first met some 6 years while working at the same insurance company, Evan & Jasmine who officially got together some time later, are now newly engaged and have a wedding date locked in for November this year at the gorgeous Cedar Creek Estate Winery here on Tamborine Mountain. They’ll be assisted by a host of suppliers from the TMWG who will be providing services in conjunction with the venue. Everyone is elated that such a deserving couple, who had actually said they wouldn’t start with the ‘wedding talk’ until March – but wisely, or prophetically, whichever you may call it…Jasmine managed to slip our Wedding Expo into their agenda, before March actually began – such a smart girl!… and as we say, the rest is now history.

Jasmine (who has an exotic mix of Pilipino/Iranian heritage) and Evan who has a big family, being Greek…said when asked if it would be a big wedding – “aww, it could be…it could blow out of proportion, we’ll try to keep it as small as possible and we’ll try not to break plates, but we’ll see how it goes”. We can’t wait, just quietly! As if by fate, these two had already decided that they loved the idea of a mountain wedding, following the proposal in the mountains of Japan and they were particularly in love with the idea of a winery setting. So, here’s living proof that some people really do experience the idea of watching their dreams coming true, in every sense of this well coined statement. It’s easy to see that these two lovely people are so in love, which is a dream come true for them both already… and now they get to begin planning their special day here in their dream location where so many talented wedding suppliers from TMWG are ready to continue on that path of making all of their dreams come true for their big day too!

We are so very excited for this gorgeous couple!

We couldn’t be more excited about helping Evan & Jasmine become husband and wife later this year and we look forward to bringing you more of their incredible love story in the months to come. From all the team here at Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group, we’d like to formally congratulate Jasmine & Evan, we are elated that you are our winning couple and we can’t wait to be a part of your big day. Here’s to you both… and here’s to dreams coming true!

The gorgeous Chapel at Cedar Creek Estate Winery on nightfall


A dream setting!

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