Everyone LOVES a good healthy dose of inspiration when planning their Wedding Day and with all the ideas out there it’s really not very hard to get carried away. The classic, timeless elements in styling will always play a key role and in our humble opinion are the best starting point when it comes to carving out your chosen style. Opting for an elegant foundation provides you with a wonderful base to start fleshing out the more personal styling elements.  Trends will always come and go, but they inject lots of fun to a styling palette and that’s why they are a great place to go looking for inspiration when you’re trying to refine your own signature look.

The key is to find the right balance! Careful selection of a few trending ideas that you truly love and that also reflect your own taste & character, can be one the most effective ways of putting them to great use. Really consider what styling elements you’ll still enjoy looking back on in a decade’s time. Too many different ideas will always bring about a mishmash effect and that beautiful cohesive style you’ve been chasing will have been thrown out the window. Yet, a few ideas that meld to the overall style, done well and with meaning, will always be a source of happiness. Think about what ‘feel’ you want to create and work everything around that.

Styling is about visual storytelling and your Wedding Day is when your Love Story gets to have its BIG moment. So keep this in mind and keep referencing it every step of the way. At the point of making each decision for your wedding ask yourself, is this a match for the feeling that we want to create for our celebration – does it provide a true reflection of our story and fit with our style? See how powerful that can be! It will keep you on track, by making you accountable to telling your story authentically. We think that’s really important and to do that you need people around you who really understand what it is that you want. What feeling is is that you want to create, showcase and remember for all of time. Experienced suppliers who know the in’s and out’s of their wedding field are who you need by your side to get those boxes ticked. For it’s one thing to narrow down your ideas and make decisions, it’s then another whole thing to actually rely on people to make that happen for you. That’s what makes the wedding industry such a fabled one, we literally make people’s dreams come true and in order to do that, one has to be invested in you as a couple, invested in your love story and invested in making your day as memorable as it can possibly be. That takes dedication, skill, loyalty, passion, experience, committment and pride in what you do – and that’s what our team of people here at the Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group have in spades. And what’s better still? They work together, they pool their talent and make extraordinary things happen when you least expect it. That’s the exact combination you need on your Wedding Day, the day you’ll wear the most special dress you’ll ever wear in your life, the day you’ll marry your beloved,  making your most treasured dream a reality in front of the people who mean the world to you. Let’s do this!

Onto this beautiful collection of trends and ideas to fill your hearts and pockets with – we hope these fuel your inspiration and ignite in you clearer ideas for your own magical day…and remember to read the captions for added insight and thoughts behind the images.

Wildflower Aisles are BIG this year and we couldn’t LOVE them more – perfect for Tamborine Mountain!

You can even move them indoors….yes please!

Pampass Grass is still going strong…and we just adore this encircled ceremony space surrounded by a lush green landscape.

For a modern take on a traditional four post arbour, we adore this round ceremony arch. Floral wreaths are taking centre stage providing the circular symbol of eternity. What could be more perfect as you say your ‘I do’s’.

Dark and moody florals are trending – think candles, extravagance, romance. Decadence is the name of the game!

Stunning gowns featuring 3D Floral Applique techniques are making their mark this year!

Capelets are also on trend this year and couldn’t be more stunning for a mountain wedding.

Dramatic long veils that make a statement are very in vogue.

Cakes that take centre stage are very much a trend…including gorgeous hand-painted watercolour cakes.

Acrylic/transparent signage in all shapes and sizes is proving popular.

Transparent Furniture & Vases are also on trend for 2018, confidently ticking the modern/minimal vibe.

Marble cakes with a touch of metallic = heaven!

Texturised and hand-painted drip cakes adorned with lush fruit make a show-stopping combination.

Adding a touch of Velvet offers the perfect nod to the luxe and decadent vibe. Linens are also another lovely touch.

Big flower displays that make an extravagant statement are also here to stay – think overhead displays with minimal florals on tables, or a key floral wall/display that takes centre stage in your reception space.

Our incredible team of members are here to help you with your ideas and dreams, just click the link below for the category you’re wanting to research next for your Tamborine Mountain Wedding.

















Happy planning and remember we’re here to help you every step of your journey.

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