We all know the saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’… well, we’ve come to realise that the same motto can be applied to Weddings. You see, when you plan a destination wedding in a place that you don’t know personally, you really are taking on a challenge and you’re more than likely going to find yourself in a place where you need an arsenal of professional suppliers who have your back. A bunch of incredible people who are extremely talented, who know their local area, have a network of professionals they can call on and who will stop at nothing to make your day a truly stand out day, as if there was no other wedding booked in their diary. You see, that’s what the Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group represents – it’s a wedding collective who support one another. More than that, it’s a community.


Tamborine Mountain is a beautiful small village with a plethora of creative souls who love what they do working in the wedding industry. This industry on the mountain continues to grow year on year and the mountain has long been recognised as one of Australia’s premier wedding destinations. There is a community spirit here that is alive and well, where professionals know the value of sticking together and working alongside one another, supporting individuals for the benefit of the majority. Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group really does make it so easy for you, by simplifying the whole process of planning your Wedding Day here in this incredible part of the world. So it stands to reason that we are the leading resource in the Scenic Rim area for just that! Something that we’re extremely proud of.


Quintessential views from glorious Tamborine Mountain shot by Casey Jane Photography


By building a reputation on the foundation of supporting our professional network and providing the means for this to occur, we benefit hundreds of couples who choose to marry on Tamborine Mountain every year. Being a small community that’s big on possibilities for your special day, means that all our wedding professionals cross paths on a very regular basis at all the weddings that take place here. It goes without saying that the more that wedding professionals from differing fields (i.e. florists, photographers, venues, hair & make-up artists etc) work together, the more they build a rapport with one another. Over time, they begin to learn about each other’s strengths, styles and personalities. On a wedding day when time is of the essence and when expectations run high, this is something you truly cannot put a value on. It’s simply invaluable to book a group of professionals who know how to work together to bring out the best result for their couple – knowing how other people tick will always yield the best collective outcome. In terms of your day it just makes for a more smooth-running, harmonious and efficient collaboration of the many differing elements that need to come together to make a Wedding a success. Everyone wants that kind of day right? It’s what you dream about!


You want to hire suppliers who will have your back and who will go the extra mile, who only have your best intentions at heart and will stop at nothing to make your day run beautifully. The Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group suppliers genuinely want you to have the most incredible day possible and they are all on the same page about making that happen for you. So much so that there have been many an occasion when suppliers will come to the rescue by calling another member within the group when one of their couple’s comes up against an extraordinary and unplanned event – yes, they will do that for you! The best thing on top of them having those contacts in your hour of need, is that the people they call on have just as much of a vested interest in helping their professional colleague as they do helping you! How good is that? It’s a win win situation.


A dramatic scene showcasing the four seasons here on Tamborine Mountain and shot just superbly by Steve McMarson Photography


You’ll quickly start to realise the more you plan and make contact with our suppliers in the TMWG, that they’ll actually even help you out by making suggestions about ideas and different local suppliers who they feel you’ll be able to work well with, or who’s work suits the style you have planned. They will actually support you in this way with your planning. They have the local knowledge from working within this local supplier network for some 20+ years, so why wouldn’t you want to tap into that incredible resource. The amazingly talented photographers in this group all have different styles of work and know the venues here on the mountain like the back of their hand, along with the work of a long list of coordinating suppliers, so with this information they immediately know how best to shoot your wedding so that nothing comes as a surprise on the day.


Photographers up here also have a little black book of secret spots to line you up with for those dream photographs and backdrops that you’ve been dreaming of. Yes, the location scouting is already done. A quick conversation about what you like and they’ll be off scheming up ideas without further ado. Like, little country lane ways, old barns, vineyards, lavender fields, lookouts, rolling countryside, woodland forest settings and of course, incredible not to be missed sunset locations. You simply are in the very best hands when you book one of the TMWG photographers for your Wedding Day. You know you’ll get the ‘best of the best’ locations that the mountain has to offer in terms of photographic landscapes.


A little spot at the foothills of the Mountain shot beautifully by Niki D Photography


A wedding that has collective suppliers from the Tamborine Mountain Weddings Group simply has a synergy about it – it runs so seamlessly that you can’t help but feel you lucked out with the best group of professionals you could ever hope for on your Wedding Day. Guests talk about it, family members will definitely talk about it and you just get to sit back and soak up the fact that you made such a great decision with your wedding planning and now the rewards are here for all to see. When it’s most important! Your secret weapon when it comes to planning your Wedding in this breathtaking region is the Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group! You simply can’t go wrong – Tamborine Mountain has it all!


Jacaranda magic on the Mountain, so beautifully captured by Linda Pasfield Photography


Hidden country landscape gems showcased beautifully by Niki D Photography


Gorgeous country vistas shot in the magical golden hour by Linda Pasfield Photography


Dreamy fields of lavender captured by Casey Jane Photography


An ultra romantic woodland setting here on Tamborine Mountain as captured by Sophie Baker Photography

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