Welcome! Because you are here that probably means you are getting married and planning the biggest day and the biggest party of your lives. The party is where an MC comes in.

A lot don’t quite know what an MC does so let me give you a little insight! MC first and foremost stands for Master of Ceremonies, so basically it’s the person in charge of executing your plan for the night. It’s welcoming everyone, it’s going through housekeeping, it’s inviting up speeches, it’s playing games, it’s lifting the mood and so much more.

It’s also making sure these items happen not only how you wanted them to but when you wanted them to as well. If you want to get to the dancing as early as possible, great! Let’s work through all other details before 8pm, kick off with that first dance and party away the rest of the night. If you want a bit of a slower approach, lets do the speeches in 2 sections over the night so no one runs out of their beverage through the old faithful speech ending of “So let’s raise our glasses to the married couple one more time”! Whatever you want, whenever you, however you want, let’s do it that way.

A bit about myself as an MC. Before becoming an MC, I was a celebrant first and before that I worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. This turned me into a people person first but also, it helped me to understand what it takes to make an event run right. I love a plan and I love to make sure I have every detail covered so that you can relax and enjoy your night with no stress. I make sure to create every element of your reception with you so it’s exactly the way you would like it and of course, because I am super nosey, I get a kick out of meeting all the doting family members along the way. The overwhelming feeling of love that unites everyone in a room, makes me feel so proud to be a part of the experience.

I hope you will consider me when deciding on your wedding reception MC and I hope to talk with you soon!

-Toni xx