Why Tamborine Mountain has the best & biggest range of Venues for your big day!

We’ve said it before, but we do love to shout it from the rooftops whenever we get the opportunity and a blog post is always, just that! Tamborine Mountain is a little pocket of green behind the gold, that sits 525m above sea level and boasts an incredible number of wedding venues on its compact 28 km2 plateau.

With its 45min & 1hr driving proximity to both the Gold Coast and Brisbane respectively, it doesn’t take long to work out that Tamborine Mountain is one of Qld’s premier wedding destinations. The number of engaged couples that flock here to marry has been increasing year on year and shows no sign of slowing down, because what’s on offer is simply very hard to find elsewhere and that’s a powerful recipe when it comes to weddings.

{ Venue: Cedar Creek Estate | Photography: Claire Elise Photography }

Whilst you’d be forgiven for thinking that the climate is just like the rest of South East Qld, you won’t be the first person who’s surprised to learn that it is in fact very different and very unique up here. We are blessed with four wonderful seasons, which is absolutely the kind of ‘je ne sais quoi’ that couples chase for their wedding day. After all you want your big day to feel like no other day, you want it to stand out in your memory, always.

The season you celebrate your big day in, is undeniably one of the biggest draw-cards when it comes to your emotions, because each season when there is a distinct change like there is here on Tamborine Mountain, provides a completely different landscape, feel and ambience. It can completely change the type of venue you will decide on and what type of styling you will introduce. When the seasons are much less distinguishable by the senses down on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, you just don’t get that range of choice that you do up here on the hilltop… and everyone wants choice when it comes to a wedding.

{ Venue: Albert River Wines | Photography: Linda Pasfield Photography }

So when it comes to Tamborine Mountain you really you have such a big range of venue options for your big day and they’re all available in one small area which makes your appointment juggling easy too. Win, win!!

{ Venue: St Bernards Hotel }

When you’ve always dreamed of marrying in a church or chapel, we’ve got it! Maybe you love wide open spaces and therefore are taken with a idea of getting married at a winery, we have a few of those to choose from too.

What about a quaint English Pub, because you have English heritage or you maybe you met abroad in the mother country and love the idea of bringing a bit of English pub romance to Australia – we even have one of those! Otherwise maybe a Scottish Manor complete with bubbling brook and lush gardens takes your fancy, yes… you guessed it – we have one of these too.

{ Venue: The Old Church }

Or perhaps you are taken by the charm of old historical buildings that have incredible views of the coast, we’ve definitely got a few of these for you to choose from. Maybe you’re a nature lover and want to marry deep in the mountain’s lush landscape with compete privacy, we have a few rainforest retreats that will take your breath away!

{ Venue: Fox & Hound }

Okay wait up, maybe you’re a lover of romance and the whole ‘fairytale’ – we even have a Castle, can’t think of anything more gorgeous & unique than that!

{ Venue: Songbirds }

If you love formal gardens and timeless venues that make your heart skip a beat, we have these too and Tamborine Mountain’s rich volcanic soil ensures you are in for an absolute treat in terms of nature’s floral display in Springtime.

{ Venue: Stonehaven }

The options here on Tamborine Mountain really will surprise you and like every couple who visits for the first time, we know you’ll be blown away and already midway through planning your next trip as you leave.

{ Venue: Pethers Rainforest Retreat }

You can easily organise a weekend escape for a night or two and fill your days with venue research, visits and appointments with on-site wedding coordinators to maximise your limited time. With the incredible range of resources available through us and the collaborative local approach to wedding planning, you’ll be amazed how quickly you’re able to start pulling ideas together.

{ Venue: Albert River Wines | Photography: Steve McMarson Photography }

So get planning your special day with us today and we can’t wait to see which venue claims your heart. Keep scrolling for more gorgeous options available to you.

{ Venue: Mason Wines }
{ Venue: Hampton Estate Wines | Photography: Claire Elise Photography }
{ Venue: Lisson Grove }
{ Venue: Hampton Estate Wines | Photography: Bec Pattinson Photography }
{ Venue: Songbirds | Photography: Niki D Photography & Film }
{ Venue: Tea and Niceties }
{ Venue: Cedar Creek Lodges }
{ Venue: Tamborine Gardens }
{ Venue: Cedar Creek Lodges }
{ Venue: The Mountain Manor | Photography: Linda Pasfield Photography }
{ Venue: St John’s Anglican Church Mundoolun }

Make sure you have our next Wedding Expo marked in your diary – Sunday 23rd February 2020 – Entry is FREE!

{ Location: The Hang Glider’s Lookout | Photography: Niki D Photography & Film }

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