Here’s some wisdom from Tony Robbins to start us off… because let’s face it, 2020 is definitely a very different year!

With the arrival of Covid-19, we find ourselves in the grip of a global health pandemic, the likes of which is only seen once every hundred years. It’s an unfathomable and unpredictable time that’s causing so much uncertainty the world over. It’s completely unchartered water, many of us have never experienced anything like this and it’s overwhelming and anxiety inducing because we don’t know what’s coming, nor what’s on the other side.

When we feel out of control because things are changing so fast around us, one of the best things we can do is focus on what we CAN control and only that! Another method – stop looking at what we can’t do and look at what we CAN do.

Now we hear you – it’s really hard to do that when you’ve been planning and looking forward to your dream wedding for as long as you can remember and now you think there’s no other option but to put it all on hold. Allow yourself to grieve that loss, it is grief that you’re feeling and you’re allowed to feel all the emotions that come with that!

When you let everything go, all the expectations and all the preconceived ideas you had for your big day, you’ll begin to see clearer and get back to basics. Focussing on what really matters is key in moments like this. This is a surreal time to be alive. It requires a response that is completely different and foreign to us – if we are to still thrive during this time – we must shift, adjust and adapt to our changing environment…we must move with it, embrace it and find all the shreds of good that can be found within this new space and time.

So when we strip it all back – what really matters is that pairs of people all over are still in love and they still want to get married… and marry they shall. The thing is, you still get to decide how that looks for you – it’s just that the starting blocks have been shifted and you will feel as though you’re back at the beginning of the decision making process, even though just a few days ago you were nearly at the finish line. We know that’s a massive adjustment to make and we know how tough it is – but we also know you can do it and we’re here for you every step of the way. We’ll walk that path with you!

Photography: Alexei Malko Films & Photography | Venue: Tamborine Gardens

All our members (venues + suppliers) are working with their couples in every which way they can, talking to them, discussing their concerns and finding pathways forward. Many couples are choosing to postpone their wedding until 2021 or even 2022, which has freed them of the worry and sured up a new date to look forward to – this is one option that provides much needed certainty which is so welcome right now. This works best if you know you’re not willing to compromise on the full plan you have for your wedding day. Our members are doing everything they can to work on postponements, so please if you haven’t touched base yet, please do so. Just start somewhere, your primary bookings (venue + celebrant) are the essential ones to get locked down first before going further.

Photography: Linda Pasfield Photography | Celebrant: Sheridan Bryant | Venue: Hampton Estate Wines

If you have an intimate wedding planned and are feeling as though maybe you are willing to compromise on your original plans because you desperately still want to get married on your chosen date and maybe the current situation is making you feel more determined than ever to marry your soulmate – then you do have options. Under the new restrictions, you can marry along with your celebrant and two witnesses – 5 people in total. It’s effectively an elopement and there are many ways for this to be an incredibly special celebration and you could even set-up a live stream video link so your loved ones can watch on! We do live in a virtual world after all, so let’s make the most of it. Then you’ll have an even bigger reason to celebrate or even renew your vows at a later date with all your family & friends in attendance, but in the meantime you’ll be married as you planned to be and getting on with life.

Photography: Niki D Photography and Film | Celebrant: Janice Hancock | MUA: Signature Creations | Florist: Florabunda | Entertainment: Explosive Entertainment | Venue: Cedar Creek Lodges

Gain a sense of control by looking at the options available to you and finding a pathway forward. We can assure you that as a group of wedding professionals we are certainly doing everything in our power collectively to help you make that happen! Together we’ll get through this.

Photography: Alexei Malko Films & Photography | Venue: Pethers Rainforest Retreat

In our next blog look out for some beautiful Real Wedding stories where we have been busy doing just that. We can’t wait to share more with you soon. In the meantime, keep adjusting and looking for the silver lining…there may be many changes right now but there’s likely to be so many unexpected surprises that come out of this time too.

Photography: Steve McMarson Photography | Venue: Albert River Wines

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